• Founder, Creator, and President of GPO and Phat Camp
  • Two Time Ms. Fitness Olympia Champion
  • Two Time Ms. Fitness International
  • ISAA Certified Personal Trainer

Every day is an amazing day for me. I love each and every minute of my life and my job. I began Phat Camp to replace my position as a school teacher. I never thought in a million years that I would be running a successful fitness camp for women and an online personal training business as well as branding my name worldwide. It gives me great pleasure to wake up each day and read the progress on my clients around the world. I love spending my weekends with women who have the same passion that I do and that's "wanting to be their best."

I am so grateful for the travels with my job and for the people I get to meet. Get Phat Online has provided me with the opportunity to build a family full of success stories. I truly love my life and the position that God has put me in as a leader and a role model. Winning the biggest competition in the world is great, but helping others is what life is all about. Through my businesses I hope to touch many lives. I hope I can inspire others to work hard and be their very best.

Life is short. We have to live life to its fullest each and every day.  YOLO! "You Only Live Once".

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, I invite you to email me or call my office at 336-261-7274 anytime. I find that talking with myself or to our Coordinator Lishia Dean will give you better insight on our programs.

We wish you our best!



Jen Hendershott
Ms. Olympia 2008
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Jen has a Bachelor's of Science in Education and has a Bachelors Plus degree in Elementary Education. She is a wife, world ranked fitness athlete, personal trainer, author, and choreographer. Jen knows a lot about dieting, training, cardio, time management, dedication, and balancing a busy lifestyle. Jen and her team will design your diet, training, and cardio programs JUST FOR YOU and for what you are trying to achieve! There is NO cookie cutting or repeats. Jen believes in the best in everyone. We hope you will let us work with you to become your very best.




Amiee Roberge 

My experience with phat girls started in may 2009 at PHAT CAMP in Edmonton Alberta. This is where i first met Jen, Lisha, Latisha, Heather and some other of the Phat camp goddess's. Now at that point i was training for my 2nd fitness competition and i would say i was in pretty good shape, i knew phat camp would be a challenge and a good but kicking... and it was. But it was not only about the great work out, it was motivation to be the best i can be in life and to be a good person. Strong and confident in everything i do.

I did great at my second show (about 6 weeks after camp) and my personal goal of improving every year was attained. I knew i wanted to do at least one more. I decided to go with Jen and the PHAT GIRLZ program because it is a group of women who walked the walk... and CAN talk the talk. THEY ROCK! I knew that if i signed up with these women that they could motivate me and push me to succeed in my goal.







Hey Jen!!!,

Climbing stairs and walking down them...not so good today.  :)

I just wanted to write my heart felt thanks to you and your amazing staff.  Honestly, I came to phat camp to get tips on working out and diet so that I might look like an oxygen chick.  What I got out of your camp was priceless. It was sooooo inspiring and down to earth, that  what I really needed, was to love myself again.  Reality check 101.  Surrounded by so many wonderful participates with all their personal stories and pain just restored my faith in women...yes, we can let our guard down and be real.  I will never forget this experience because Lishia Dean won't let me, I signed up for GetPhatOnline :) (more pain)  I can not wait. 

Enjoy your vacation!
Still Smiling,
Azemina Cemalovic "Mina"





      Jen and Staff -- I just want to thank you for the great experience I had had PHAT camp this past weekend.  As I told you, Jen, I was very nervous about showing up as a 60 year old (well, almost 60), but everyone made me feel so welcomed.  At no point did I feel that you were singling me out as "someone who would never make it through camp".

I enjoyed the challenges, and have the motivation to continue working with the aid of the knowledge and wisdom you all gave me this weekend.  I began my weight loss/exercise journey on Dec. 4, 2006, and have lost 40 lbs since that time.  With what I gained from you this past weekend, I know I can reach my goal of 100 lbs lost by Nov. 25, 2007 (60 year birthday). 

God bless you all, and keep the baton going by continuing your passion for this life giving program!

Alexis Welsh



          WOW—where do I even start what an absolutely amazing weekend PHAT camp Atlanta 2007 was!!!!!!!  I expected to come to the weekend to get more motivated on working out and get myself back into shape and back in the gym on a regular basis never in a million years did I expect it to be a life changing weekend like it was.  When I first walked into the room where everyone was I will admit that I was a little taken back and thought to myself whoa I’m in the wrong place and I think that I’ve basically just wasted quite a bit of money cause I’m in a total different league than most of these girls and feel really out of place.  Man was I ever wrong, now yes I did struggle cause I never realized just how out of shape that I was at 28 years old but I cant even begin to tell you how amazing Jenn you and your staff were and how comfortable ya’ll made me feel.  Thru every struggle I had Jenn you were right there as well as my group leader Latisha (who was absolutely a total inspiration) and the rest of the girls in my group cheering me on, it was the best feeling ever to know that I wasn’t in it all alone and had so much support from everyone else. 

          I pulled into PHAT camp on Friday evening smoking a cigarette and not having a worry in the world and just thinking that I was living life to the best partying all the time and just staying on the go all the time and putting my health and fitness on the back burner for sure.  In just one weekend Jenn you opened my eyes and taught me so much, I’ve met some really amazing people in my life and have been touched by so many people but I can honestly say that I’ve never been touched by someone as much as I have you Jenn.  This past weekend you definitely did change my life, you opened my eyes to more things that I ever thought imaginable, you really put life into perspective for me and made me realize that it was time to change my life completely!!!!!  I don’t think that I can tell you thank you enough for that.  For the girl that pulled into camp smoking and have been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for the last 13 years I can say that I still HAVEN”T touched a cigarette and have no desire to at all, and I’ve finally decided its time to put Lindsey first.

         Jenn thank you so much for all that you taught me and for truly touching my life the way that you have, I could never put into words the way you have impacted my life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I really do think that God brought you into my life and brought me to PHAT camp for a reason and I cant wait to see all the changes that I know He is about to do in my life and has already done in just a week!!!!!

Take care and I will definitely keep you posted on my progress.

Lindsey Balderson


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