*Calling housewives, business women, weekend warriors, stay at home moms, and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

The demand for Jen Hendershott has reached an ultimate high. Jen has found a way to help more people by launching her business called the "The Live Phat Program."

Are you looking to lose weight, tone up, and/or gain muscle? Do you want take your mind, body, and soul to the next level? Jen has joined forces with her Phat Camp trainers to give you 100% of their time, effort, and knowledge to help make you become your best. Your cardio, training, and meal plans will be customized for you weekly to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. You will have telephone access to Jen and her staff of trainers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Your progress will be monitored by the staff, and a portfolio will be built for you to see your progress. To learn more about these programs visit or keep reading. We hope you will join our team!


*Calling first time competitors, seasoned athletes, and anyone interested in becoming a fitness or figure competitor.

Competitors, you finally have the opportunity to work with a Ms. Olympia and Ms. International champion. Jen has joined forces with world ranked fitness competitor, Heidi Sullivan/Fletcher, world ranked figure competitor, Latisha Wilder and exceptional trainer, Sandy Lentz, to start "Phat Girlz". If you need help with dieting, training, cardio, suit colors, and show and supplement selection, then becoming a Phat Girl is for you. "Phat Girlz" represent only the girls who are looking for a realistic approach to competing. Winning is the goal, but it is not everything. Team PG is looking for girls who are serious about stepping on stage and who are willing to listen to a team of people who have walked the walk. Team PG is only excepting those who are willing to listen, learn, and be coached by one of the best fitness & figure competitors in the world. Yes, you have phone access to Jen, Latisha, Heidi, and Sandy when you need motivation, direction, and help. To be the best you must work with the BEST! To learn more about “Team Phat Girlz” visit or keep reading. We hope you will join our team!



What makes different then other trainers and programs online?
Jen Hendershott is one of the top athletes in the world. She has molded her physique through trial and error. She has teamed up with well educated trainers and believers and knows that winning is not everything. Working as a team, these trainers can prepare for you CUSTOMIZED meals, training, and cardio plans.

  • NOTICE: We said “TEAM” , you will have access to all trainers, not just one of them.

  • The GPO staff is divided into groups of trainers, which you will be assigned to when you register online.

  • The GPO staff has certifications in various areas and has competed with strict dieting and training. They have walked the walk.

  • The GPO staff will answer your emails daily, hourly, and proudly.

  • The GPO staff will be available by cell phone daily. For example, if you're in a business luncheon, you can call or text the staff personally for help on what to order off of the menu when you are NOT prepared. We will cater to your needs.

  • All GPO programs can be set up on a payment plan to make it convenient for you.

  • The GPO staff has a high standard of expectations for their clients and for themselves as role models.

We personalize and we make you accountable!


What programs are available and what is the difference in the programs?

There is the “Live Phat Program," “Phat Girlz” program, "Live Phat for MEN," "Fitness Nanny," and "Train with the Champ" Program. The Live Phat program is for anyone looking to put on muscle, wanting to lose 10-100 pounds, needing to stay fit on the road, looking for healthier path, or wanting to become their ultimate best. We believe that it takes more than a good diet, and doing cardio and weight training. You need all the right components and elements to be your healthiest. We believe in balance, and we believe in each of you.

“Live Phat Program”
This program is detailed to fit your needs. With this program you will get customized daily weight training workouts, cardio programs, and meal plans that will change each week. You will also receive a portfolio in the mail after your purchase to monitor your progress. You will have access to the staff by phone, email, instant message, and texting for questions about your program. The phone service is available 7 days a week for all paying clients to motivate, inspire, and answer any and all questions that you may have.

There are 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 week programs available.

“Phat Girlz Program"
To be a “Phat Girlz” you should be a competitor preparing for a fitness, figure, or bodybuilding show. This program is designed to help you be the best athlete you can be when you step on stage. There is a NO refund policy! With this program you will get customized daily workouts, cardio programs, and meal plans that will change to cater to your physique. You will get a customized portfolio in the mail after your purchase to monitor your progress. Also, you will have access to the staff by phone, email, instant message, and texting for questions about your program. The phone service is available 7 days a week for all paying clients to motivate, inspire, and answer any and all questions that you may have.

There are 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks programs available!


How effective Is online personal training?
Today you can get a personal training certificate as quickly as you can a driver's license. We encourage you to hire a personal trainer, but to hire a good one. Do not hire someone who does NOT look the part or has not walked the walk. In other words, why would you hire someone to coach you for a show who never has competed? Why would you hire someone who can’t get down and do those push ups with you? Why would you hire someone who is negative when you are trying to become your ultimate best? We can GUARANTEE that we are a staff of individuals who have walked the walk. We are positive, and we have proven that we look the part. We will get down and do the workouts right next to you. Personal training programs online allow you to put your ipod on and train where ever you are, whenever you have time, and when its convenient for you.


The programs seem expensive. Why is this?
Here is the breakdown: in the “Live Phat” program we charge $500 a month to customize your programs. With this you get 20 customized daily workouts, a cardio program for each day of the month, and 4 meal plans that will change each week. You will also receive a tailored portfolio in the mail after your purchase with additional surprises. Also, you will have access to the staff by phone, email, instant message, and texting for questions about your program. The phone service is available 7 days a week for all paying clients to motivate, inspire, and answer all and any questions that you may have. The staff monitors your progress and helps build your momentum.

*Program designs vary from client to client. Therefore the actual number of workouts in a month vary as well.

If you hire a personal trainer in a small town, here is what you would spend (this is the most inexpensive scenario):

  • 20 workouts X $25 a session = $500
  • 31 cardio programs x $10 a program = $310
  • 4 customized meal plans $60 a plan = $240
    Total for your local trainer= $1,050.00 a month

We are offering all this and more for $500.00 a month, and you will work with a number of experts as opposed to just one. Is your trainer available when you have a need or a concern? The Get Phat Online Trainers are available when you are in need. Is your trainer doing the same workout with each client after you leave your session? If so, then you are paying for a generic workout. Get Phat Online will tailor to you if you're willing to pay for it!


                            New Policy Changes for Get Phat Online
                                          - Effective September 15, 2011-

To all clients, our purpose for policy changes is to make sure we, as a company, are protected and to ensure you, as our client, understand what it takes to design your program. We are flexible and easy to work with, but as our company grows, there has to be guidelines set into place and followed. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me direct at .

What if I start the program and decide I don’t want to complete it, what happens?

In the event a client wishes to quit the program, there will be a $100 processing fee, and 50% of the total balance due will be charged. This will be to pay the trainers for all of the work they have done up to that point. For example, if the client quits in the middle of the program, and he/she still owes $600 of the $1200 total, he/she will owe a total of $400 to quit ($100 plus 1/2 of the $600 balance due).

The client will then be released from the contract! You cannot come back to the program to use those weeks. You would have to resign and redo the contract from scratch.


What is the cancellation policy?  

If you put your program on HOLD, there is a $25.00 fee. THERE IS A 4 WEEK LIMIT FOR A HOLD. However, you will be charged the remaining payments of your program as it was set up in the payment plan regardless of the hold. Those weeks will be paid for and waiting for you when you return.


Can you put your program on hold if something comes up in your personal life?

We understand that certain circumstances arise such as a deaths and injuries. Please contact John Hendershott to discuss holding your plan if a situation arises. We will consider waiving fees as we see deem fit.



Do you have payments plans?
We offer great payment plans. We realize that you are making an investment in your health, and we want to make it financially feasible for you to enroll in our program. Email John to set your plan up today!


What is Phat Camp? How can I find out more about it?

Phat camp is a camp designed for women who want to learn about being the best they can be. Train with two-time Fitness International champion and two-time Ms. Fitness Olympia champion, Jen Hendershott. For 10 years, Jen has dominated the world with her knowledge and excitement for life through the creation of Phat Camp. You will work one-on-one for 2.5 days with the founder of Phat Camp, Jen Hendershott, her highly energized staff, and the trainers. During this time with Jen, she will go over creative ways to make cardio more fun. You will learn exciting new exercises and how to eat healthy. You will be inspired to live. Learn things you didn't know and get your questions answered by a professional. You will find motivation and confidence by attending a Phat Camp, and you will leave the weekend ready to conquer the world! There is so much to learn. There will be seminars and memories to last a life time. This is the ONLY place that you can go for a weekend and share the same interests with women of your kind. Don't worry because the drama is left at the door as this is NOT a competition. You will love Phat Camp! Come enjoy this amazing experience with the most humble woman in the sport of fitness. To see if Phat Camp is coming to a city near you visit .

If you have additional questions about this program and how it works please email:


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